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I have a web site which I preferred to use a membership wizard. It was working with all its features:

  • Sign Up
  • Login
  • Password Recovery

but these days the password recovery page does not work. I enter my user name but it says the provided username has not found but it is there!

I tried to code the page I mean not only wizard component but also some hard-code. I mean the following links page...


but still get the same error. The user name could not found.

Please help me to fix the error.

Regards BK

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How about posting the membership section of your web.config - does the login still work? – CRice Oct 12 '09 at 23:47
what do you mean ? please explain. regards bk – theklc Oct 13 '09 at 13:39
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Actuallly it works. I found the answer. The users that I cannot get the recoveried passwords are the blocked users. In the configuration file if the user enters the password 5 times wrong, the default configuration blocks them. The key is to unblock them.

Regards BK

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