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I would like to get an opinion what language is better to use with LifeRay. I would like to build some app that I would like to integrate with LifeRay. What language do you suggest would I learn first?

Java? - A friend suggested that Java and LifeRay goes well.

Django? - I recently new this and seen the overview I find this pretty straight forward and I think would be easy for me to learn But I don't know if fits with LifeRay.

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Liferay is written in 100% Java.

I don't know if there even exist a portlet in Python/Django. There is a Ruby/Rails bridge for Liferay Portlets , but I would definitely go for Java.

(Liferay) Portlets are based on Java Standards (JSR-268, JSR-186) so Java is the way to go.

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yes Java would be the best for LifeRay. Thanks! – Pennf0lio Oct 20 '09 at 21:01

There are ways to write JSR compliant portlets in Ruby, PHP and Groovy as well as Java through Portal Pack - you could also run Django through Jython on the app server backing LifeRay and use this to back portlets. I'm not sure how preferable this would be to just doing it in Java though...

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Thanks for the Tip, Jython would also be great solution. thanks! – Pennf0lio Oct 20 '09 at 21:03

Others have already answered that Liferay is a Java application. Let me add that there are definitely numerous ways to utilize other languages to customize liferay.

However, as you ask about what language to learn first be warned that a portal container is not the easiest environment to learn and - in addition to the language - you'll have to learn a great deal about the specifications implemented, the coding style and other used frameworks.

In code size, Liferay is huge. If you start to learn one of the two languages there are two aspects:

  • Regarding Liferay, support in the forums on is best in Java, I've rarely seen support for other languages (neither questions nor answers)
  • Regarding your personal learning curve: If you're working closely together with django folks you might get better support for them in django.

Basically: You have to decide for yourself. Learning a new language and a new framework/server/environment is tough.

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Yeah, I Think would really have to learn JAVA for LifeRay. Thanks for the Tip! – Pennf0lio Oct 20 '09 at 21:02

I thought Liferay was a Java-based portal product. If Django and Python are an option, I'm not aware of it.

This link suggests that I'm correct.

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Liferay does support creating portlets in scripting languages.

Take a look at their wiki for help

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