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I am having the following error with Django.

'unicode' object has no attribute 'objects'

I think the problem is in my views.py
I am pasing the url via jquery ajax and it seems as it could not asing the url portion as an object of the models class.

The url is domain.com/one/two/three

The code in the views.py

from lala.models import *

def function(request, one, two)
    foo = one.objects.raw('SELECT * FROM ...)

one is taken as no models object and I can not achive to asign it.

The code in the urls.py

url(r'(?P<one>\bla\d{2})/(?P<two>[\w-]+)/three$', views., name='qwer'),


Thank you for your help.

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A url is a string. The one and two arguments are substrings of your url (as described in your urls.py).

If you want your one argument to fetch a model name, you'll have to check it manually.

def function(request, one, two):
    if one == 'MyModel':
        MyModel.objects.raw('SELECT * FROM ...')
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Thanks for your help. –  vitidandu Mar 22 '13 at 23:15

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