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I have an "li class='draggable' " and a "div class='dropable' " that is inside a ui dialog div

when i try to drag the 'li' i can't drag it outside it's parent element so i did this :

                containment: $('document'),
                helper: 'clone'

i managed to dragged outside it parent element but here where the problem start when the ui dialog is opened and when i try to drag it the li is always behind the ui dialog and i can't drop it into the droppable div

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maybe assigning the draggable element a z-index which is more than that of the dialog box might help. –  mridula Mar 22 '13 at 12:17

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Try appending the helper directly to the body, and possbly setting a zIndex, like so:

    appendTo: 'body', // Append to the body.
    zIndex: <someNumberYouThinkIsAppropriateHere>,
    containment: $('document'),
    helper: 'clone'



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