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I have a report with a basic table listing each row from a dataset.

I want to add a grouped summary table (by product and location) at the top:

Widget1  br1       10
Widget1  br2       1
Widget2  br1       12

You get the idea. Not sure what grouping option I can use as I'm inexperienced with the report viewer control.

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Are you using report builder? –  glh Mar 22 '13 at 11:46
I'm working on an rdlc file in VS2012 using the visual editor. –  Kev Mar 22 '13 at 11:49

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I figured this out on my own.

Right click on row -> Row Group -> Group Properties -> Sorting -> sort by Product A-Z, Location A-Z.

Still in Group Properties dialog. Go to General -> Set name to "Group". Add group expressions: Group on Product, and Location.

Back in report builder, right click on the Quantity cell, select expression, set expression to =RowNumber("Group").

That gives me exactly what I want :).

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