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I know visual studio has some magic keywords you can use in comments, which will make them marked in the Task List:

  • TODO
  • HACK

Do you know of any other built-in keywords, that may mark the code as a task?

Or any other special keywords that will mark the code as bug-fix, warning, error, etc.


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Visual Studio 2005 lets you modify the list of these.

Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Task List

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Mine has UnresolvedMergeConflict as part of the list.

Just in case you didn't know (hard to tell from your question), you can edit the list via Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Task List.

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Just want to dredge this old (but very useful) question up.

I would like to add that if you also use ReSharper it highlights them in a bold and different colour. The ReSharper list is more powerful (regex) and can be found under ReSharper -> Options -> Tools -> To-do Items.

Strangely by default it doesn't match the Visual Studio list so it might be a good idea to standardise them. I have just added the missing ones from each to the other one and then added my own new ones to both.

Note: To simplify adding new ones you can copy (duplicate) the Todo one and then just change the word TODO in the regex: (?<=\W|^)(?<TAG>TODO)(\W|$)(.*) with your new word. Then a simply give it a new Title, and make any changes to the colour/icon and save.

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