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Hi I am developing an windows phone application.

I want to implement error logging in my app. I want to handle error logs in better way.

  • How can log the error information(so that it will be helpful for the developer to rectify the error)

  • Are there any 3rd party tools / free library's for error logging in metro apps.

  • What are the various alternatives available for error logging?

  • What is the best followed practice for error logging?

Please help me out.

Your answer will be very helpful to me.

Thanks in advance.

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This is a rather vague and open-ended question. The answers you need are probably specific to you dependent on your needs. –  Paul Annetts Mar 22 '13 at 13:27
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2 Answers

1) Some times I just save the Exception.ToString() in a local database and when the WP has internet conection I sent that data.

2, 3 & 4) mtiks offers an easy to implement real-time Mobile App Analytics for major mobile platforms which include Windows Phone. App publishers can integrate the framework within minutes to understand their app usage using different reports and charts. Features include Error Tracking, Events, Events with Attributes, etc. Additionally, mtiks offers a companion app for Windows Phone to monitor activity

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First and foremost, some of the errors that can cause application problems are logged through the dev center, so when you publish your app, you will get reports that show you what exceptions happened that caused crashes.

In normal conditions, you could have a web service running on your end, that would receive information about non-critical exceptions as those occur (work around the fact that the phone might not always be connected to a network - serialize the exception stack trace and send it when connected, as shown in the other answer).

For error logging, there is a project called WPClogger. For more serious reports and analytics, there is BugSense.

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