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Here is my query to solr when user type some character fr example I

http://localhost:8983/solr/db/select?q=(name:I*) OR (lastname: I*) OR (midname:I*)&fl=name, midname,lastname&rows=5&wt=json&indent=true&group=true&group.field=lastname&group.ngroups=true";

How should I change the query to solr so Icanget

  1. first - those people with name and lastname that start with this characrer

  2. if none - second - those people that only first name starts with ths character

  3. if none -third - those people with only lastname that starts with this character

  4. and if there is none - those where middlename start with I

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There can be no check for 0 results unless you are writing a custom search component or firing query again based on previous queries result.

For the Ordering you can boost the query parts so the conditions can be match

something like e.g. (name:I*)^10 OR (lastname: I*)^5 OR (midname:I*)^1

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