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How can I see the error messages of assumeThat in JUnit4?

This test passes but does not print anything. The reason is that to perform the test on read1, I require b to be true. Since b is false, the test does not apply.

boolean b = false;
byte[] read1 = null;
assumeThat("b shold be true to continue testing", b, is(true));
assertThat("read1 should not be null", read1, is(notNullValue()));

I have not found any kind of log with the assumeThat messages. My issue here is that I would like to know which tests passed but did not completed because assumption X failed. It would be nice if a message (for example similar to when an assertion fails) was still printed for the assumptions.

Strangely as it may seem, I haven't been able to find comments on this problem (including in the JUnit page). So there is a chance that I'm just doing something wrong or looking for messages in the wrong place. I'm using Eclipe.

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If I understand you correctly, the

assertThat("read1 should not be null", read1, is(notNullValue()));

should only be executed if b == true, but it's not an error if b == false?

Then why don't you simply do:

if(b) {
    assertThat("read1 should not be null", read1, is(notNullValue()));
} else {
    log.warn("b == false, Test on read1 skipped");

? Or do you want to have a special test result state ("success-but-suspicious") if that happens?

Update: I just re-read the docs on Assume. It states that if an assumtion fails, the entire test is considered "not meaningful" and marked as "ignored". With small, focused tests that should usually give you all the info you need.

Update2: Just tried it with the JUnit 4.8 in Eclipse 4.2 I have on hand here. That just marks the test as successful. So I guess the JUnit runner in Eclipse might not support that feature correctly.

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That is why I want to use the assumeThat. Only perform the test if a certain condition holds, otherwise it is meaningless to do so. The problem is that a failed assumption results in a successful test case. But I have no way to know if the test case passed because: 1. an assumption failed or, 2. it passed all the assertions. – Daniel Mar 22 '13 at 13:22
@Daniel: Yes, I just tried it and got that same result. I understand now. And don't have an answer :( – creinig Mar 22 '13 at 13:24
May I ask if the log.warn is a JUnit extension? Could you give me a pointer to where can I read information about it? – Daniel Mar 22 '13 at 13:26
@Daniel: No, that was just me assuming you'd use some logging framework (log4j/slf4j/commons-logging/...) – creinig Mar 22 '13 at 13:32

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