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I want to use home, end, delete, pageup, pagedown with ksh. My TERM is xterm-color. These keys works fine with tcsh and zsh, but not with ksh (print a tilde ~)

I found this:

bind '^[[3'=prefix-2
bind '^[[3~'=delete-char-forward
bind '^[[1'=prefix-2
bind '^[[1~'=beginning-of-line
bind '^[[4'=prefix-2
bind '^[[4~'=end-of-line

But when I set one bindkey, the last does not work anymore.

How can I use these keys in ksh with a .kshrc ?


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Have you got the EDITOR or VISUAL variables set? If not, that may be the way forward.


may be sufficient.

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or EDITOR=emacs. Either way you can put that in your ~/.kshrc file –  Dennis Williamson Oct 13 '09 at 0:21
-1 sadly this doesn't work –  bharal Aug 12 '13 at 11:11

with EDITOR=vi , home, end, delete, pageup, pagedown does not print a tilde ~ (but does not work). Moreover, I do not like vi EDITOR. On the other hand, with EDITOR=emacs, the problem is the same. These keys does not work, and print a tilde ~.

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