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is there a way to pass an object as a parameter in a Get method in Web API? I have the following case:

In my Web.API project the Get method looks like that:

public IEnumerable<ArticleMetaData> GetComponentXMLByDate(ComponentRequest request)
           // Some logic here
            return articleMeta;

My ComponentRequest object looks like:

public class ComponentRequest
        public string startdate { get; set; }
        public string enddate { get; set; }       
        public string pagenumber { get; set; }
        public string pagesize { get; set; }

I am trying to call it this way:


In the method ComponentRequest request is coming as null. If I change the method to accept multiple string parameters instead of the object it works fine.

Am I missing something in my setup?

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I think that

public IEnumerable<ArticleMetaData> GetComponentXMLByDate([FromUri]ComponentRequest request)
    // Some logic here
    return articleMeta;

should work.

Mike Stall has a good article on how-webapi-does-parameter-binding

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You need to use [FromUri] attribute.

Look at the the following question. ASP.NET MVC Web Api Get Not Mapping QueryString To Strongly Typed Parameter

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