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I used celery.chord(...) to create a group of tasks and a method which gets called after all tasks in the group are done.

I use the amqp result backend (but I want to switch to memcached).

My worker prints this line over and over again, every second. I don't know how to break this infinite loop. I have access to the rabbitMQ web interface, but I can't find something with the ID "32ba5fe4-...".

[2013-03-22 14:18:26,896: INFO/MainProcess] Task celery.chord_unlock[32ba5fe4-918c-480f-8a78-a310c11d0c3a] retry: Retry in 1s
[2013-03-22 14:18:26,897: INFO/MainProcess] Got task from broker: celery.chord_unlock[32ba5fe4-918c-480f-8a78-a310c11d0c3a] eta:[2013-03-22 13:18:27.895123+00:00]

This is a testing environment. No data can get lost.

I use Celery 3.0.16

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It should not be an infinite loop.

The celery.chord_unlock task checks if the chord subtasks have finished to call the merge callback task. If not it schedules itself to check again in a second. The moment your chord tasks are completed you will no longer see those messages in the log.

EDITED: you can revoke the chord_unlock task to stop the loop

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I had the same issue. To stop the loop, I installed flower and then revoked the task from the Tasks menu in the web interface. The Revoke button is in the task detail page which appears after clicking the task's UUID.

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