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I'm trying to apply an unsaved ActiveRecord object Thing to an array of saved objects Person.

person has_many :things

but Delayed Job isn't intended to work with unsaved ActiveRecord models. I know because they told me:

DJ isn't intended to work with unsaved ActiveRecord models. I can't get around the error:

{ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound, class: Thing , primary key:

I've been kicking around a few strategies to get around it:

1) Override self.yaml_new from here. Sounds like a terrible idea.

2) Override Thing.find to recover from not found and just hydrate an unsaved object. That's an even worse idea than #1

3) Save Thing to the db first. Bad idea because we'll have an orphan Thing in the db that the Job will have to clean up (Things really don't exist without a Person attached), callers of the job will have to know to save the Thing first, and we'll have to override validations checking for Person. Horrible.

4) Create Thing.to_open_struct method that'll dump the AR details into an OpenStruct for DJ serialization. Kinda messy. Need to keep that method in sync with any migrations. Not ideal, but it's the best I have to far.

Any ideas? I'm not set on DJ serializing the unsaved Thing I just want a clean solution.

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One idea is to create a new table/model called UnsavedThing which doesn't have any associations but is basically the same as Thing.

DJ finds an UnsavedThing, uses it to call, does stuff with it, calls, and then UnsavedThing.destroy.

Not that elegant, but the alternatives aren't great either.

What is the reason you can't save Thing first? There might be a better solution if you can give more context of how the classes interact and the criteria for when Thing can be saved.

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Re: "What is the reason you can't save Thing first?" I didn't want to muddle up the question any more. Let's just say that we can't do it. Thanks for the idea about a different model. Not bad. I'll think about it for a bit. – gmoore Mar 23 '13 at 19:25

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