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Muscibrainz offers acoustID fingerprints, e.g., here

However, i do not find a possibility to directly search for them (like it is possible for the PUIDs or echoprints)

Am I missing something?

acoustid.org offers the information I want, but not as a Acoustid WebService.

Example: given the fingerprint 453a8e75-ef90-4f31-a2b2-84494219bd3b I want the information provided by the following page: http://acoustid.org/track/453a8e75-ef90-4f31-a2b2-84494219bd3b

(sidenote: I'm not interested in any fingerprint matching process, I just want all entries with a given acoustID)

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53a8e75-ef90-4f31-a2b2-84494219bd3b is not an "acoustid fingerprint", but an "acoustID" in that context. An mbid for a cluster of fingerprints. –  JonnyJD Mar 23 '13 at 15:20
yep, that was ambiguous. Is there any playce where the relationships between mbid, acoustid, whatever are documented? –  Tommy Mar 25 '13 at 14:35
Not that I know of, but: "acoustID" on musicbrainz.org = "acoustID track ID" on acoustid.org. And these are attached to MusicBrainz recordings. There are multiple fingerprints attached to one acoustID track ID. –  JonnyJD Mar 26 '13 at 10:52

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AcoustIDs are not included in the MusicBrainz database directly, so they can't be searched using the MusicBrainz Web Service. There is also an AcoustID Web Service.

You can't lookup by acoustID, yet. You can only lookup a fingerprint created by chromaprint: http://api.acoustid.org/v2/lookup?client=8XaBELgH&meta=recordingids&duration=641&fingerprint=AQABz0qUkZK4oOfhL-CPc4e...

There are multiple fingerprints mapped to one AcoustID.

EDIT: I opened a ticket on MusicBrainz and a ticket for acoustid.org.

EDIT: What MB calls "AcoustID" is an "AcoustID track ID" on acoustid.org and you can access it via http://api.acoustid.org/v2/lookup?client=8XaBELgH&meta=recordingids&trackid=453a8e75-ef90-4f31-a2b2-84494219bd3b (since 2011 already). There is no documentation about that yet, but there will soon be.

EDIT: This is now documented in http://acoustid.org/webservice#lookup_by_trackid

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You can in fact look up by AcoustID instead of using fingerprint and duration, it just appears to not be documented:


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It is documented now: acoustid.org/webservice#lookup_by_trackid –  Dan Gravell Jan 14 at 11:42

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