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i'm having a lazyloading Datatable with dynamic columns generated

this is my dataTable

<p:dataTable var="iterator" id="dataTable" 
        paginator="true" rows="20"
    <p:columns value="#{MyManagedBean.columns}" var="column"
        <f:facet name="header">  

this works perfect without pagination. if i paginate, load() method does not give the SortField value, instead it gives me "property]"

can one help me in fixing this...

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I believe this is a Primefaces bug.

I think the correct sort details should be passed to LazyDataModel.load() when paging in order to use in in your DB query.


|| (table.isLazy() && table.isPaginationRequest(context))

to the shouldDecode method in org.primefaces.component.datatable.feature.SortFeature should resolve this issue.

public boolean shouldDecode(FacesContext context, DataTable table) {
    return isSortRequest(context, table) || (table.isLazy() && table.isPaginationRequest(context));

I've crated a new issue:

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It is in fact a Primefaces defect and will be fixed. Target Version: 5.1 – Max Aug 28 '14 at 14:18

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