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I have been searching about the dependency injection and read few articles. But still I am unable to find out the difference between MEF and other IOC's. So, my question is this, in which situation I should prefer to use MEF or IOC container.

why it is good to use MEF with PRISM for (WPF & Silverlight) or for desktop applications.

Whereas in web application people use IOC containers.

So, what is the criteria to decide which Dependency technique i should use??

I have been through this article but could not determine anything

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Helpful post:… – dugas Mar 22 '13 at 14:08
@duga thanks for the link,but still i want to know MEF can work with known types or not and Why MEF is used in Silverlight and WPF(MVVM models), whether they have unknown types or not – Yogesh Joshi Mar 22 '13 at 14:17

Eventually What i have concluded about the MEF VS IOC container is as following:

MEF is preferred to be used when one has to deal with Unknown types or plugin based architecture.

IOC containers are preferred to be used with known types.

Moreover,MEF is an Architectural solution for dependency injection

Whereas, IOC containers are code level solutions for dependency injection.

IOC container are just dependency injection techniques which populates the instance of class and if constructor of those classes requires object of other classes, then IOC also inject the required objects. but MEF does more than just dependency injection.Although, MEF also uses IOC based approach for dependency injection but MEF does so many other thing apart from depedency inejction. MEF has got two component

  1. Catalog:- which is responsible for discovering extension

  2. Container-which provides the ability to load extension to a running application

MEF is more than just dependency injection techniques, It is used wherein we need plugin based architecture for our application but at the same time MEF use IOC based approach for dependency injection.

I am expecting more people to comment on this.

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IOC is an architectural design strategy and MEF is an implementation of the design pattern Dependency Injection. Dependency Injection is often the implementation strategy of IoC. Often is the term IoC container used, suggesting that IoC is the technique. No, it is otherwise. IoC is a broad concept and DI is the design pattern to implement the core of IoC. MEF is some form of DI, but it has not all fundamental features of IoC.

MEF uses composition to find out the dependencies it needs to resolve. That is much like a lot of other IoC containers, for instance Pico and Spring. But it stops there. I did not see any life cycle management nor pooling configuration. The latter two do I consider to be a fundemental part of IoC (not of DI), because the performance of the caller should not suffer because of the memory consumption used by the callee. The IoC principe is a service to the caller and the callee by loosely coupling them. That way can both functionalities work optimized. MEF might have the problem that there are issues with optimization. For instance, when you have a call from the menu to a database, then will at some time a call to the database be made. It is always best to use pooling for that. MEF is not capable doing that.

The type of application should be independent of the choice for a design pattern. There is not a big difference between a desktop or a web application. Both are user interfaces, both should be able to use MEF and IoC. If the functionality is straightforward and does not need to cross optimization boundaries (like database calls), then is MEF first choice, because it is a framework that is present when using .NET 4. Then could it be useful, but if a call crosses an optimization boundary (like the parsing or uploading of a file), then is the use of an IoC container more fruitful for performance and maintenance.

Information I used:

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