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I'm having a datatable with dynamic columns generated. i have a date column to be displayed, but in a specific format

in my datatable without dynamic columns generation ... i make the date to display in the specific format by this way

<p:dataTable .....>
  <p:column headerText="Date" id="dateID"

                        <h:outputText value="#{iterator.updatedDate}">
                            <f:convertDateTime pattern="MM-dd-yyyy" />


what could i do for getting the same outcome in my datatable with dynamic columns...

can any help me in fixing this...

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You could create accessor methods in your backing bean that enable you to directly get the Date in the desired format, as a String.

Take this example:

public class MyBean{

    private Date myDate;

    public Date getMyDate() {
        return myDate;

    public String getMyFormattedDate() {
        return new SimpleDateFormat("dd-MM-yyyy").format(myDate);

Then, in your dataTable, the property "myFormattedDate" should be called, so the formatted Date gets printed.

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