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Just you know, I'm just starting with iOs and Objective-C (3days).

I'm currently making a 3D object viewer. I want to be able to load a file and display it into a view. Then the user can rotates and zooms on it.

I have first build it with ninevehGL, but it appears that It doesn't support heavy files (>10M) so well. I'm now trying to go for Cocos3D.

After i installed everything I have created a xcode project using the cocos3D 2.0 template. This template should display (i guess) a 3D text "hello world". But it doesn't even compile throwing me the following: -(void) updateBounds: (CGRect) bounds withDeviceOrientation: (ccDeviceOrientation) deviceOrientation; <---- expected as a type

It appears that (ccDeviceOrientation) is not recognized as a type. Would you help me with this ?

I have the project on gitHub here under the folder COCOS3D

Also I'm using the followings version of cocos

   cocos2D: 2.0.0 8-Jul-2012
   cocos3D: cocos3d 0.7.0
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I have, at the same time, posted my question on cocos2D forum, Bill Hollings has been kind enough the quickly reply, and pointed me that the versions of cocos2D and cocos3D i use can't work together.

Here is the explanation and what to do.

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