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I'm currently working on multiple large webapps(each webapp when being run actually contains 3-7 eclipse projects) in Spring Tool Suite on a Mac. Every imported webapp has several errors after import and project validation complete. The maven builds will fail continually until I right click on every project associated with the given webapp and select Maven -> Disable Workspace Resolution. I can think run a maven clean, maven update, and maven build to clear out all the errors.

If there a way to disable Maven Workspace Revolution in my eclipse settings/preferences so that it's a global one time setting that tells every project in the eclipse workspace not to use Workspace Resolution?

Below are some screenshots I took to hopefully provide all the relevant details such as version numbers.

enter image description here

enter image description here

I just recently switched from using eclipse with add-ons to using the preconfigured Spring Tool Suite, so the install is only a few weeks old. It should be hopefully the most up to date versions of most plugins.

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It can be achieved much faster by doing a Search (Ctrl-H) for resolveWorkspaceProjects=true for files of name org.eclipse.m2e.core.prefs, with the scope set to Workspace, and Replace set to resolveWorkspaceProjects=false.

I don't believe there is a global setting to do this automatically.

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