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I'm new to debugging flask with pycharm, so hopefully nothing I ask is too trivial.

I have two files, code/__init__.py and code/runserver.py.

The __init__.py file is where my Flask app is initialized, meaning that is where the statement

app = Flask(__name__) 


In the runserver.py file is where I have the statement:

if __name__ == '__main__':

The runserver imports the app in the following manner:

from code import app, __app_name__, __version__

Inside of the main function are a number of parser.addoption commands and then ultimately

def main():
    parser = OptionParser()
    parser.add_option("-d", "--debug", action="store_true",
                      default=app.config.get('DEBUG', True),
                      dest="debug", help="Turn on debugging")
    (options, args) = parser.parse_args()
    app.run(debug=options.debug, host=options.address, port=options.port)

In this case what would my entry point for debugging the application be? I assumed it would be runserver.py but when I attempt to debug this I get the response of

ImportError: No module named code

If however I run it like

python ${BASE}/code/runserver.py

I don't have any issues.

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Several moments

1) If you want to debug with PyCharm you should set default debugger to False (app.debug)
2) In PyCharm you should not use /code/ folder as root, because in this manner no code is visible by import
If you make codeProject/code/ and open codeProject as root in pycharm and then run codeProject/runserver.py or codeProject/code/runserver.py everything should be fine

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