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I'm running a process via forever, however I'm confused about the usage of -l, -o and -e options.

From the documentation:

-l  LOGFILE      Logs the forever output to LOGFILE
-o  OUTFILE      Logs stdout from child script to OUTFILE
-e  ERRFILE      Logs stderr from child script to ERRFILE

Can someone confirm if the output to LOGFILE (-l) includes both stdout & stderr, along with forever messages (e.g. 'retarting forever').

If so, am I right in assuming that -o and -e are there ONLY if you want to send your stdout/stderr to different locations; and if you want everything in one log file -l is the only option you need to specify?

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Yes the -l LOGFILE option generates a log file with the combined output of forever, stdOut & stdErr from the child process.

I wish there was a way to have just the forever output be logged to this file if you use the -o OUTFILE and -e ERRFILE options because it seems like duplication.

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