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I'm working with a hot new open-source Flash data visualization library ( It doesn't (yet) have a series interpolation effect, like the Adobe Flash Charting library does.

Can anyone point me at anything that would help me understand how to do it? I gather it involves applying a tween effect between the old-data sprite and the new-data sprite.

Since I've never done any data vis graphics work, I suspect that it may well be beyond me to implement -- but I'd rather not give up before at least looking into what's involved.

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After some time becoming more educated, this is what I have determined:

  1. Axiis library depends on Degrafa.
  2. Degrafa tutorials on transforms and animation exist.
  3. This one uses the Tweener class for animation:
  4. Study of the Degrafa tutorials, Tweener tutorials and Axiis Library code will provide a solution.
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