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im trying to use the % operator on a double in c++, i have done the same in java and it works fine.

is there something im missing here or is this not allowed, sorry im new to c++ so might be making a really stupid error here

    double i =  full_price_in_pence / 100.0;
    double j = full_price_in_pence % 100;
    int final_pounds = (int) i;
    int final_pence = (int) j;

and these are both double values

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You don't want to use a double to represent money. At least, not in a real application. – Chad Mar 22 '13 at 15:45
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You should use the std::fmod() function from the <cmath> Standard header:

#include <cmath>

// ...

double j = fmod(full_price_in_pence, 100);
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% is for integers only, you're looking for fmod.

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You cannot use % operator for a double variable. Only int variables are allowed to do that.

You can check some good answers from another question like this; you can find them here.

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No, it's not allowed. Operands of the % operator must be of integral types. Use std::fmod() instead.

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