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I have a data set that contains IDs, Status Dates (ordinal) and Status Types.

  • Status Types are Open, Transfer or Close
  • The Primary Key is a combination of ID and Status Date. So an ID will have multiple records.

I am trying to select a subset of data that contains IDs within a date range where the most recent Status Type is Open or Transfer.

       Date_format(Str_to_date(status_date, '%Y%j'), '%m/%d/%Y'), 
WHERE  ( ( ( status_type = 'O' ) 
            OR ( status_type = 'T' ) ) 
         AND ( status_date <= 2012182 ) ) 

Should I use MAX(Status_Date) or the LAST(Status_Date) function?

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LAST is not a valid MySQL function, so MAX would be the appropriate function. You also don't need all those parentheses.

WHERE  ( status_type = 'O' 
          OR status_type = 'T' ) 
       AND status_date <= 2012182 

You can alternatively use IN to specify a list for status_type.

WHERE  status_type IN ('O', 'T') 
       AND status_date <= 2012182 
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