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I'm following the instructions found here

When I try to run $ heroku pg:psql or $ heroku pg:psql HEROKU POSTGRESQL_BROWN I recieve the following error message:

 !    The local psql command could not be located
 !    For help installing psql, see

I can't find anything useful on the link it gives me (it just links to the instructions I was already using, but further down the page) nor can I find this error anywhere else.

If I've missed anything you need to know to answer this, just let me know. I'm rather new to all this and teaching myself as I go.

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Does heroku pg:info output your database information? – Robert H Mar 22 '13 at 17:10
Yes it does. would that information help? – TheMarron Mar 22 '13 at 17:13

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Make sure you've installed the toolbelt as psql is installed by default.

However you also need to ensure you've installed a local copy of PostgreSQL; if you don't the toolbelt will be unable to find the native psql client.

Assuming you have installed a local copy of PostgreSQL, make sure you can execute psql from the command line directly (i.e make sure you PATH is set correctly ). If the command does not execute, check your PATH, if it does execute see if you can connect via the PSQL connection string provided in the Heroku control panel. If you can connect reinstall the toolbelt, if you are unable to connect provision another dev database and try again.

If there are still issues, I would suggest contacting Heroku support for assistance after verifying no API issues are listed on the status page located here.

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I have since solved this myself. When I ran heroku pg:info it says the version number is 9.1.8, I was locally running 9.2

installing 9.1.8 and ensuring Path pointed to the appropriate folder solved the problem.

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I had same error even after installing Postgres locally. But after seeing this I saw that "pqsl" was not in the PATH so I then did

PATH=%PATH%;C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.2\bin

which worked for me

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Note: This worked for me too, but I had to close and re-open the PowerShell window and then I typed $Env:Path to see the path and confirm it was there. Then I typed heroku pg:psql at the prompt (within my node-js-getting-started folder) and it worked! – CodeDreamer68 Jun 27 at 17:28
Old question, but as its still not patched worth adding theres a bug in PSQL parsing paths still present:… – Linef4ult Oct 12 at 18:58

Set the PATH. To find out the PATH of your psql script (on mac) open the sql shell script from your finder in Applications/Postgres installation. This will give you a hint as to where it is installed. That opened a window which told me it is located here: /Library/PostgreSQL/8.4/scripts/

Then, I set the PATH variable from the terminal window by typing: $ PATH="/Library/PostgreSQL/8.4/bin:$PATH"


You can also connect to the shell by opening the shell directly from your postgres installation folder. Then enter the credentials. If you don't know the credentials, here is how to find them out:


$ heroku pg:credentials HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_RED_URL

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After you change the path, make sure to restart the terminal!

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