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My application uses MySQL JDBC,I am trying to export JAR file using eclipse.

My question is how to include the MySQL driver so the JAR file can connect to server?

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Here is how to do that with Eclipse: How to create a jar with external libraries included in eclipse?

Or you may use a tool like OneJar,, to create a single runnable JAR file

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You should not include the MySQL driver in your jar. The driver is a separate jar, so you need to add it to your classpath when running your code.

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If you are trying to create a single jar with all the dependencies, use either OneJar or UberJar to accomplish this.

If you are using ant, there is a simple ant task to do it and it supports to specify the main class and also the classpath in metainf

<jar id="files" jarfile="single.jar">
    <zipfileset src="deped1.jar" includes="**/*.java **/*.class"/>
    <zipfileset src="depend2.jar" includes="**/*.java **/*.class"/>
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