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I'm trying to render a font using sifr to about 160px in size, but it seems to stop expanding anything larger than half of what i require. i've tried setting the font-size in the sifr-config and css. but to no avail it still won't get any larger.

Any ideas?

My example page is here: http://oonagi.org/sifr/

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sIFR stops after 160px or so. I believe originally because Flash wouldn't render larger font sizes, but I can't quite remember.

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You could try to add the following to your h4 css directly following font-size:

line-height: 1em;

This should make your line height the equivalent of your font-size, perhaps fixing the height issue.


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I've tried adding line-height to my css and sifr-config but it's still not updating the size. i'm applying the css to just my screen css not the sifr.css file. –  calebo Oct 13 '09 at 0:48

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