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I will like to see if everybody could share any good training sources on OOP on PHP language.

Good Training Sources for OOP (Object Oriented Programming) PHP, anyone ?

I've seen numerous tutorials, mostly superficial, some of them bad.

Please share anything good either commercial or free, Video or Written.

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I advise that you avoid PHP4 OOP because it is quite primitive. – Robert K Oct 13 '09 at 1:19
Please see also: "Jargon-free comparison OOP vs Procedural": – dreftymac Dec 4 '09 at 18:27
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I love the PHP Manual's guide to OOP. It's to the point and has many examples.

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You can try Codeacademy, it provides with tutorials in many languages :

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If you want to learn basics of oop in php then manual for oop is the best. But It requires basic understanding of general oop concept. If you are learning through manual then do not forget to read comment written on every topic. Some comments written over there is really fantastic to clear your php oop concepts.

If you do not have good idea of basic oop concept and want to learn general oop concept and its implementation then you can refer php oop tutorial Series. This tutorial has great coverage of oop in php. Good thing about this tutorial is, they provide code with every chapter and has good topic coverage.

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Lynda - PHP with MySQL Beyond the Basics

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For starting the php phpmaual is the best thing that is available. You can also try If you wants some more resources on the oops concept and examples then you can go to Here you will find some incredible projects of php.

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W3Schools is a bad source of information. As for why, see: – Amal Murali Mar 29 '14 at 10:26

It's a bit more on the advanced side of OOP, since it's about design patterns, but I really like Martin Fowler's Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture ( And you can never go wrong with the Gang of Four's pattern book (

The nice thing about learning patterns is that they're language agnostic. Learn a pattern, use it in (almost) any language :)

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Since is conceptual and not language specific, look for any good OOP resource in any language and try and make it work in PHP.

Look at concepts like design patters, unit testing and domain driven development and you will expose yourself to a lot of OOP knowledge.

Start using libraries like Zend Framework and Doctrine PHP ORM in your PHP projects. They are object-oriented and by using them you will develop a greater understanding.

Also check out phpPatterns and the c2 wiki.


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This is your absolute best bet, in my opinion. The documentation here includes both technical explanation as well as useful examples and plain-english wording.

Keep in mind however that PHP OOP is still in relative infancy, and there will no doubt be many things that are confusing to other OOP implementations.

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PHP5's implementation of OO is anything but infantile. It has limitations because of design choices, but they are a choice few. – Robert K Oct 13 '09 at 1:17

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