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When looking at a stored procedure, the logic seems to be "do stuff" followed by select 1 as add_success. How do I check that add_success value in C#?


using (SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection(_connectionString)) {
  using (SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand("<sprocname>", connection)) {
    command.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
    command.Parameters.Add(<a parameter>); // x10 or so
    var result = command.ExecuteNonQuery();
    // result is always -1, despite the sproc doing everything it is supposed to do (modify a few different tables)

Stored Procedure

// Do some stuff including inserts on a few different tables, then
INSERT INTO Table (field1, field2)
VALUES (@Val1, @Val2)

SELECT 1 AS add_success

It seems to be doing everything correctly, but the default return from ExecuteNonQuery is the affected rows and that is always -1 even though all the operations appear to be completing successfully.

I also tried adding a parameter with a return value named add_success and @add_success but that also appeared to not work.

How do I return a value to C# from a stored procedure?

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  1. You need to use command.ExecuteScalar().
  2. The result will be the first row of the first table in the result set.
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Try the SqlCommand.ExecuteScalar() method instead of ExecuteNonQuery() (source).

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