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Quite new to angular here so bare with me. I know the basic use of ng-repeat and I can generate a list easily.

  <li ng-repeat="presentation in presentations">

I have an array that is returned from PHP:

presentations = Array
    [0] => stdClass Object (
            [collection] => Collection A
            [title] => Title 1a
    [1] => stdClass Object (
            [collection] => Collection A
            [title] => Title 2a
    [2] => stdClass Object (
            [collection] => Collection B
            [title] => Title 1b
    [3] => stdClass Object (
            [collection] => Collection B
            [title] => Title 2b
    [4] => stdClass Object (
            [collection] => Collection C
            [title] => Title 1c
    [5] => stdClass Object (
            [collection] => Collection C
            [title] => Title 2c
    [6] => stdClass Object (
            [collection] => Collection C
            [title] => Title 3c

You will notice that each object has a collection.

I need to basically create a header view per collection. I need it to display like below:

    - Title 1a
    - Title 2a
    - Title 1b
    - Title 2b
    - Title 1c
    - Title 2c
    - Title 3c

Only the titles would be clickable. Is this possible to do with just ng-repeat? I know I can sort each collection into separate arrays in PHP. Should I do that first? I'd like to just use ng-repeat if possible, I am just not sure how to approach this.

I plan on displaying this list in a nav-list as defined using twitter bootstrap


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There are probably other way to achieve this with directives but

You define a function that you are going to call in order to show or hide the header:

// just a hard coded list of objects, we will output a header when the title changes
$scope.presentations = [{"title":"a", "other":"something else"},{"title":"a", "other":"something else"},{"title":"b", "other":"something else"},{"title":"b", "other":"something else"}, {"title":"b", "other":"something else"}]
$scope.currentTitle = '-1';
$scope.CreateHeader = function(title) {
      showHeader = (title!=$scope.currentTitle); 
       $scope.currentTitle = title;
      return showHeader;

Your html would look something like this:

    <li ng-repeat="presentation in presentations">
      <div ng-show="CreateHeader(presentation.title)">
        {{presentation.title}} is the header
      {{presentation.other}} is an attribute on the collection item
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should be presentation in presentations and not quite. This is actually generating a huge list – Ronnie Mar 22 '13 at 19:02
It's like I need to store a value of previous collection and then when the current collection is different from the previous collection, make a new header – Ronnie Mar 22 '13 at 19:07
I made an adjustment, basically you want to be able to show or hide something and you can do this with the ng-show directive as well as passing in to a function that saves it back to the scope. I think this setup is what you are after. There probably are other ways to do this, but it was first and easiest that came to mind. – lucuma Mar 22 '13 at 20:05
excellent, this is exactly what I was after! thank you so much – Ronnie Mar 22 '13 at 21:15
you know, now that I think of it, you say this would probably be easier with directives. If you have some spare time or feel like tackling, could you show an example using the directive? I haven't used directives yet. Again, thanks for the answer above – Ronnie Mar 22 '13 at 21:24

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