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Can someone enlighten me as to why this will not work?

I have a stored procedure that returns a table: calling it like so works fine:

EXECUTE dbo.sp_Get_Total_Parcels_Paid_Data

However, I need to use this inside of a view, and cannot get it to work.

Select * from dbo.sp_Get_Total_Parcels_Paid_Data()


Invalid object name 'dbo.sp_Get_Total_Parcels_Paid_Data()

SP Code:

create PROCEDURE [dbo].[sp_Get_Total_Parcels_Paid_Data]
-- SET NOCOUNT ON added to prevent extra result sets from
-- interfering with SELECT statements.

declare @Sql1 nvarchar(max)
,@Sql2 nvarchar(max)
,@Sql3 nvarchar(max)

declare @TallyResults table
(EFOLDERID nvarchar(31) null    
,inv_bank_cd int null
,inv_cd int null
,inv_group_cd int null
,intLoanNumber int null
,other_text nvarchar(250) null
,tallyCount int
,eidMgrId nvarchar(31))

select @Sql1 = 'Select ' + tallydefinition from jobfunctions where jobfuncid = 44
select @Sql2 = 'Select ' + tallydefinition from jobfunctions where jobfuncid = 45
select @Sql3 = 'Select ' + tallydefinition from jobfunctions where jobfuncid = 206

insert into @TallyResults exec sp_executesql @Sql1
insert into @TallyResults exec sp_executesql @Sql2
insert into @TallyResults exec sp_executesql @Sql3

select * from @TallyResults

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this looks like something you could roll into a view without having to do the gnarly multiple select statements that insert into a table variable. this looks like an optimization nightmare. is tallydefinition a column? your dynamic sql in the stored procedure looks like it might throw an error. – swasheck Mar 22 '13 at 19:25
Side note: you should not use the sp_ prefix for your stored procedures. Microsoft has reserved that prefix for its own use (see Naming Stored Procedures), and you do run the risk of a name clash sometime in the future. It's also bad for your stored procedure performance. It's best to just simply avoid sp_ and use something else as a prefix - or no prefix at all! – marc_s Mar 22 '13 at 20:10
@marc_s I revisited those tests recently too. – Aaron Bertrand Mar 22 '13 at 20:13

You can't SELECT FROM <procedure>, sorry. Maybe you can try the OPENQUERY trick, but I'm not sure you'll be able to put that in a view.

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We can't execute a Stored Procedure in a Select statement. Here's a similar thread

SQL Server - SELECT FROM stored procedure

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If I am not wrong this is what you want

Perhaps, this will guide you the ways in which you can get the result set from one SP to another.

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