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I have code to record audio working well. I would like to add some visualization of the audio while the recording is happening, something like a waveform, or just a plain thermometer style visualization, so the user knows something is being recorded. I haven't found any listener or method I can query to get something like the current volume of the recorded audio. My thought right now is that I can parse the AMR bytestream and try to visualize it directly, but the complexity there is prohibitive for this feature, so I was hoping there is a more straightforward API to use. Alternatively, if you know about Java-ME amr parsing code, that could be useful as well - I admit I haven't done much research on the AMR side yet, as I was hoping there was a more direct way of measuring the current audio volume level.

_player =
_rcontrol = (RecordControl)_player.getControl("RecordControl");
_rcontrol.setRecordSizeLimit(200 * 1024);
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