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I am running a daily cron that runs through the Cakephp Console shell and produces a CSV file that will eventually be parsed.

What I want to do is store each day's CSV file in a folder somewhere that's not accessible to the public.

Is there an ideal location for this? If I wanted it publicly accessible, I'd stick it in webroot/files.

Is it best for me just to create some random folder within the app or is there somewhere else that's already been designated for this purpose?

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I don't believe there is any place designated for that already, but you're right to put it outside of webroot.

If it were me, I'd probably put it in tmp/csvs/ or something like that. it's already a writable directory, and it sounds like you don't really need it to be stored for long periods of time, so putting it in a "temporary" folder seems to make sense.

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Well I do believe I would like them archived rather than temporary. –  bigmike7801 Mar 22 '13 at 20:30

You are right, APP/webroot/files/ would only be good for files that should be publicly accessible.

If you want them "below" the surface, store them in APP/files/ There they will not be reachable directly and can be stored in a more permanent way.

If they will become a lot of files it makes also sense to group them by year or some other subfoldering scheme:


etc. This way accessing them will be faster with a huge amount of files.

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