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This is my first python program and my first asking a question on stack overflow so I apologize if my code is a mess and or if my question is ill-formatted.

I would like to print the same line I'm already printing, but each float should be a different color based on its value. (specifically >.7 is green, .7< is red) What is the best way to do this?

oreName=[#string names]

#escape char? I know there has to be a better way than this
#but this is the best ive come up with as the escape char didnt
#work the way I thought it should for '%'
char = '%'


##code that populates netProfitBroker

def printOutput(array):
  "this prints all of the lines"
  for i in range(0,10):
    print oreName[i]+"=   %.3f \t 5"%(array[0][i])+char+"=%.3f \t10"%(array[1][i])+char+"=%.3f"%(array[2][i])    

print "\nnet profit brokered"

the output looks a bit like this: (I lost some/all of my whitespace formatting when I copied the output here)

net profit brokered

Veldspar   =   0.234     5%=0.340   10%=-0.017
Scordite   =   0.752     5%=0.297   10%=0.259
Pyroxeres  =   0.406     5%=1.612   10%=2.483
Plagioclase=   1.078     5%=0.103   10%=1.780
Omber      =   -7.120    5%=5.416   10%=4.612
Kernite    =   -10.822   5%=15.366  10%=6.626
Jaspet     =   17.772    5%=49.278  10%=62.380
Hemorphite =   -35.431   5%=82.912  10%=141.027
Gneiss     =   8.086     5%=-4638.549   10%=-3610.570
Arkonor    =   349.867   5%=-545.284    10%=-340.298


"ore name=" arrayVal1 "5%="arrayVal2 "10%="arrayVal3

All the array vals should be printed out to 3 decimal places.

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You can use the termcolor package. –  isedev Mar 22 '13 at 21:55
Possible duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/287871/… –  isedev Mar 22 '13 at 21:56

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You can use ASCII color codes at the beginning of your print to change the color, as an example '\033[91m' for RED and '\033[94m' for BLUE.


if array[0][i] > 7:
   print '\033[94m' + oreName[i]+"=   %.3f \t 5"%(array[0][i])
elif array[0][i] < 7:
   print '\033[91m' + oreName[i]+"=   %.3f \t 5"%(array[0][i])

You can read about ASCII escape codes here.

Edit: Added additional example code.

Here is a list of some common colors you can use:

Red = '\033[91m'
Green = '\033[92m'
Blue = '\033[94m'
Cyan = '\033[96m'
White = '\033[97m'
Yellow = '\033[93m'
Magenta = '\033[95m'
Grey = '\033[90m'
Black = '\033[90m'
Default = '\033[99m'

Additionally as mentioned in the comment. You can chain these to get different colors on the same line.

print '\033[91m' + 'Red' + "\033[99m" + 'Normal' + '\033[94m' + 'Blue


line = '\033[91m' + 'Red'
line += "\033[99m" + 'Normal'
line += '\033[94m' + 'Blue'
print line

You could even do a function that returns the color.

def which_color(number)
    if number >= 7:
       return '\033[94m' # Blue
       return '\033[91m' # Red

And do something like this, but you will need to adjust it slightly for it to show the colors correctly.

print which_color(array[0][i]) + "%.3f \t 5" % (array[0][i]) + \
      which_color(array[1][i]) + char + "=%.3f \t10" % (array[1][i]) + char + \
      which_color(array[2][i]) + "=%.3f" % (array[2][i])
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This recolors the entire line. What I was hoping to do was recolor just the floats. Each line has three floats that each need their own color. –  Slicedbread Mar 23 '13 at 2:21
You can simply combine them e.g. print '\033[91m' + 'Red' + "\033[99m" + 'Normal' + print '\033[94m' + 'Blue –  eandersson Mar 23 '13 at 2:39

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