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I've found many articles/tutorials/how-tos stating that you should add name="required" or name="required[]", but what do you do when all of the input fields in a custom form have explicit names that are part of the forms functionality? (I tried changing the name to required, hoping the pre-existing names were cosmetic, and the form ceased working.)

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You might want to post this to the ExpressionEngine specific StackExchange site for a faster response: – Anna_MediaGirl Mar 26 '13 at 15:35

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If you mean a front end entry form using Safecracker, there is a fair bit of documentation on form validation - it can be validation against field requirements (along with other validation against CodeIgniter classes) or you can use jquery for client-side validation, which often involves little more than loading the validation plugin and adding a class of required to each required form element (not typically changing the name).

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