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I'm fairly new to python and regex but I'm trying to figure out a way to do this.

I have a file that looks like this:

random text up here

group groupfoo {


group groupbar {

random text down here

There are several groups like this in this file. The group names (groupfoo, groupbar, etc) are all unique. I'd like to be able to somehow create tuples based on the group names and have the items as values.

Please help!


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Here is a way without regex. Though you might want to use regex for the line with the replace calls below. But if your format is as strict as you show it to be in your question, then this will work. Simple (very simple) state machine.

import collections

grouper = collections.defaultdict(list)
with open("groups.txt") as groups:
    in_group = False
    for line in groups:
        if '{' in line:
            in_group = True
            group_name = line.replace('group ', '').replace(' {', '').strip()
        if '}' in line:
            in_group = False
        if in_group:
print grouper


defaultdict(<type 'list'>, {'groupbar': ['item_1', 'item_2', 'item_3'], 'groupfoo': ['item_1', 'item_2', 'item_3']})
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