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I'm workig on mips at collage and we are using Qtspim simulator for running MIPS instructions. I've searched google to run mips code on my real machine (NOT any SPIM simulator) but I couldn't found any comment. Is it possible to create an executable file from mips instructions.

On my another lecture (System Programming) we have been using MASM615 for compiling assembly instructions by using make32 command from the cmd. I'm looking for any similar tool.Are there any exist for MIPS?

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If you want to run MIPS machine code, you'll need a MIPS CPU, which your computer probably doesn't have. Are you looking for a compiler that compiles MIPS assembly language into x86 machine code? I'm not sure that would have any advantage over simulation. –  Max E. Mar 22 '13 at 23:40 mpx_samples and pic32_samples are both mips based, show how to build mips executables from source code and for each system run them. the mpx is an opencores core that you can simulate on the pic32 is hardware you have to buy. Once you have a binary you need a mips processor to run it which is the reason for a simulator or buying mips hardware. some sony playstation hardware is mips based so you can use one of those simulators or hardware if you can hack them. the gcw-zero coming out soon is also mips based (and many other platforms) –  dwelch Mar 24 '13 at 1:40

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Only MIPS hardware can run MIPS binary. How can x86 or another architecture know MIPS's machine language? Every architecture has different instruction set and instruction coding. So if you force to load and run MIPS binary on another hardware, it will cause undefined behavior

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