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How can I edit this array function to make the result display 0 instead of #N/A if there are no results? I've tried using IF statements with it but can't get it it work...

=INDEX(INDIRECT("'"&I18&"'!$h$1:$h$999"),MATCH(1,(INDIRECT("'"&I18&"'!$a$1:$a$999")="Last 20 Games by Venue")*(INDIRECT("'"&I18&"'!$b$1:$b$999")=O18),0))
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In Excel 2007 you can just wrap an IFERROR function around your formula - the syntax is


so to get zero instead of #N/A use this version

=IFERROR(INDEX(INDIRECT("'"&I18&"'!$h$1:$h$999"),MATCH(1,(INDIRECT("'"&I18&"'!$a$1:$a$999")="Last 20 Games by Venue")*(INDIRECT("'"&I18&"'!$b$1:$b$999")=O18),0)),0)

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