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How is the data serialized/encoded when sent to flash?

or, 'how is the data encoded when it is sent from amfphp to flash?'

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In as3, JSON is used to encode/decode data from php to flash or vice-versa. You'll be needing as3corelib to use this feature.

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I was able to figure it out. It turns out AMF is a format -

using these hex values

Undefined - 0x00
Null - 0x01
Boolean False - 0x02
Boolean True - 0x03
Integer - 0x04
Double - 0x05
String - 0x06
XML - 0x07
Date - 0x08
Array - 0x09
Object - 0x0A
XML End - 0x0B
ByteArray - 0x0C

there is a library here that can desierialize that converts it to an object readable by as3

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