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As the title states i took an apk and am trying to build an apk which would control parts of settings from os such as clock, toggles, and so forth. Ive added all my stuff in xml/preference because ive not been able to figure out how to add them individually in an xml folder. This apk was prebuilt by a person who doesn't develop anymore so hard to reach him. What i would like an answer to is two questions?

  1. How can i fix this false name showing up in the titlebar without going through the hiding process i.e. styles. no.titlebar theme, androidmanifest and so forth.

  2. If i want to connect 1 xml to pick up another one for example if i click on clock and my next xml has listpreference and checkbox preference how do i connect that to the main xml so that way when it shows up in os that when i would click clock it would go to that xml and open its content such as checkbox, listpreference and so.

I would appreciate anyone's help on where to go abouts to as ive just recently started getting into this hobby and would wanna learn more and share those things back to a community. Thanks

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I added a tag, but I'm not really part of android stuff so I have no idea whether the c tag is correct here. – Xymostech Mar 23 '13 at 1:39
ohhk the reason why was because xmls and all fall under c language hence i added c tag to it. but if apk it is also why not. thank you for that. – user2201272 Mar 23 '13 at 1:52

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