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I'm using Hammer.js to allow for dragging between panes. I also want to allow an alternate action where there's also a "Next" button you can click on (with a mouse) or touch (on touchscreen), that will automatically animate a slide to the next screen.

Imagine the Hammer.js Carousel demo with a "next" button in the middle of the page. When you click, it acts as if you did a slideleft to take you to the next pane.

I figured I should be able to trigger with something like:

var hammertime = Hammer('').on("tap", function(event) {;        

That only seems to put my mouse into drag mode, rather than executing the whole animation.

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I've run into the same problem. will evidently not work as the next function is not defined in the self element.

You need to initizalize a new carousel instance, and then call the showPane(index) method:

      var hammertime = Hammer(doubletapRegion).on("tap", function (event) {
          var carousel = new Carousel("#carousel");

This code will move the the second pane (index = 1). You can of course put a variable there.

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Thanks - this is exactly what I needed. I'm calling it on $('').click(function(){ then getting the current pane from a data attribute on the link, then passing that to showPane. – Voodoo Apr 16 '13 at 19:36
excellent answer. – Cecil Theodore May 14 '13 at 10:24

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