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I am super, super new at programming and I have been trying to get everything set-up on my computer. I have installed RailsInstaller, go to >railsinstaller_demo, and type in rails s. I get the following error though could not find gem 'uglifier <>= 1.0.3> x86-mingw32'

I looked through the forum and found how to do a gem list and i noticed it was not there. I then went to gembundler and ran $ gem install bundler. I tried again but it did not work.

I am sure the answer is on this site, but i am so new that i see all these lines of code I actually have no idea where to type it in.. I am running Windows 7.

thanks for taking the time to help out a real beginner.

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Have you gone to the $ railsinstaller_demo directory and run the bundle install command? This will install the gem dependencies for the application; you will not be able to run the server until you've bundled the gems. Additionally, if you're still having issues with the uglifier gem, go ahead and remove the line in the Gemfile and then run bundle install

If you need further help with the Command Prompt, you an find out more at


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