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I keep getting this error:

       cannot fill in, no text field, text area or password field with id, name, or label 'Morning' found.

I've reset spork, done a full db reset, tried assigning an ID to the form element, etc. What could possibly be the issue here?


require 'spec_helper'

describe DaysController do

  describe "New" do

    describe "with valid information" do

      it "should create a new entry" do
        visit 'days#new'
        fill_in "Morning", with: "Test"
        click_button "Submit"


<%= form_for @day do |f| %>

  <%= f.label :morning %>
  <%= f.text_field :morning %>

  <%= f.button :submit %>
<% end %>
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Did you add a save_and_open_page command just to make sure you're at the right page? –  depa Mar 23 '13 at 3:41
@mdepolli Yep, it's navigating to the correct page. I just created the app. This form page is one of the two pages created so far. –  dresdin Mar 23 '13 at 3:44

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Looks like you app is using JavaScript. With capybara you need to add :js => true option to the block that's dealing with JS pages.


it "should create a new entry", :js => true do

You may also need to way for the form to be rendered before trying to fill_in the field.

Also, I recommend you check out capybara's integration DSL. Read more about it here

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Turns out the ":js => true" wasn't the answer, but your mentioning "integration" made me remember to try putting the test in an integration test spec. Worked perfectly. –  dresdin Mar 23 '13 at 4:07

Turns out that syntax was all correct, but the issue was that the test was in the wrong RSpec spec file. When I swapped this test into an integration_test file, it worked perfectly.

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