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Is there a simple way to reset the data from a meteor deployed app?

So, for example, if I had deployed an app named test.meteor.com — how could I easily reset the data that has been collected by that app?

Locally I run meteor reset, but I am unsure of what to do in production.

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If you have your app with you you could do this in your project directory

meteor deploy test.meteor.com --delete
meteor deploy test.meteor.com 

The first deletes the app so its all blank. The second deploys a fresh instance of it back.

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Thank you Akshat worked perfectly. –  CaptConrado Mar 23 '13 at 19:06
Hey @akshat, do you think stackoverflow.com/questions/10214385/how-does-meteor-work should be reopened? –  Dan Dascalescu Mar 13 at 19:41
this seems like a bit of a hack. is there no cleaner way? –  dcsan Oct 29 at 0:20

one way is to login to the mongo instance yourself and delete the relevant data so something like per collection:

$ meteor mongo APP.meteor.com
> db.users.drop()
> db.xxx.drop()

you could just drop the whole DB, but that would confuse their env and you have to --delete the app and re-deploy anyway.

> db.dropDatabase()
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