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While connecting to the pgadmin database postgres with correct password, I'm getting the following error:

'Error connecting to the server:FATAL password authentication failed with user 'postgres'.

After changing the method to 'trust' instead of 'md5' in hba config file, and then typed:


after again changing the methods as md5 then tried connecting to database

Howerver the password changed successfully (I checked in encrypt mode and it was fine) but getting the same issue:

 'Error connecting to the server:FATAL password authentication failed with user 'postgres'.

Kindly suggest me if there are any other solution for this issue.

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What are the entries in your pg_hba.conf file? –  dsh Mar 23 '13 at 5:41

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This suggests to me that either you are authenticating against an outside source (not common) or somehow you have been bitten by a bug in pgAdmin that set validto to an invalid date (more common).

Try this:

ALTER USER postgres VALID UNTIL 'infinity';

Or you can set the valid until value to something more limited if you want to lock the account after a certain time period.

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Thanks you so much for your kind response, it is working very fine and i could able to login pgadmin without any issues. –  Patrick Mar 23 '13 at 7:31

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