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i have created SVG chart. i want to perform zooming in that chart. for zooming i need to draw rectangle i.e selection marker to select area to zoom in chart. how can i draw a rectangle in mouse move event.

1.mouse down event triggered. (start position of the marker)

2.start dragging (mouse move event triggered) -> in that event need to draw the rectangle based on the mouse move

  1. drop (mouse up event triggered)-> clear the rectangle

Please refer below below screenshot.

enter image description here

how can i draw rectangle based on mouse move ?



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here is a possible solution:

At the end of your SVG (in this way it will be drawn on all elements) add a rect like this

<rect id="zoom_area" x=0 y=0 width=0 height=0 onmouseup="endDrag(evt)" style="fill: white; stroke:black; stroke-width:2px; opacity:0.5"/>

On your grid add the events onmouseup="endDrag(evt)" and onmousemove="moveMouse(evt)"

Now the javascript:

var zoom_box = {};

function startDrag(evt){
    var offset = $("#bounds_grid").offset(); // Take the offset from the grid, change the ID as you need.
    zoom_box["start_x"] = evt.clientX-offset.left;
    zoom_box["start_y"] = evt.clientY-offset.top;
    zoom_box["boxing"] = true;

function endDrag(evt){
    var offset = $("#bounds_grid").offset();
    zoom_box["end_x"] = evt.clientX-offset.left;
    zoom_box["end_y"] = evt.clientY-offset.top;
    zoom_box["boxing"] = false;


function moveMouse(evt){
    var offset = $("#bounds_grid").offset();
        zoom_box["end_x"] = evt.clientX-offset.left;
        zoom_box["end_y"] = evt.clientY-offset.top;

Be carefull with the offset: in this way it take te offset from the margin of the document

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