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hi all
I have a string with a number inside and I want to retrieve that number. for example if I have a string "bla bla 45 bla bla" I want to get the number 45. I have searched a bit and found out that this code should make the work

Matcher matcher = Pattern.compile("\\d+").matcher("bla bla 45 bla bla");
    String result =;

but it doesn't :(
probably the problem is that "\d+" regular expression is converted to "^\d+$" and so the matcher doesn't matches the number inside the text.
Any ideas.

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You should use matcher.find() instead.

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thanks for quick answer. – jutky Oct 13 '09 at 6:12

Here's an example on how to use matcher.find()

	Matcher matcher = Pattern.compile("\\d+").matcher("bla bla 45 bla 22 bla");
	while(matcher.find()) {

This will output

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