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I am using TinyMce wysiwyg text editor. I could send the text as expected to the server. What unexpected is, webrowser is not rendering it very well. text that is saved in the server is like this:

"<p>this is my content</p>" 

OKAY! When I render it,

<p>this is my content</p> 

is seen in the browser. I am sure there is very minor thing behind it which I don't know right now. I save the content in MySql database and do simple ajax call to render the text.

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You need to decode &lt;p&gt;this is my content&lt;/p&gt; at server side, it prevents malicious attacks code from your website

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I didn't guessed that there must have reverse operation of encoding(htmlentities()). Thanks @Joan – ln2khanal Mar 23 '13 at 8:29

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