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I am using pictureBox to show images which are received from server but my problem is that picture box in compact framework has only three Size Modes

StretchImage, Normal, CenterImage

the pictures i am getting are generally bigger in size so i have to use StrecthImage mode. But then the aspect ratio is maintained so the images shown become distorted.

So is their anyway to come out of this problem ?

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I think you mean that the aspect ratio "is not maintained," right? –  Yar Oct 13 '09 at 6:44

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finally i found answer for my question which is here-----

 float actualHeight = myImg.Height;
 float actualWidth = myImg.Width;
 float imgRatio = actualWidth / actualHeight;
 float maxRatio = (float)this.Width / this.Height;

                    if (imgRatio < maxRatio)
                        imgRatio = this.Height / actualHeight;
                        actualWidth = imgRatio * actualWidth;
                        actualHeight = this.Height;
                        imgRatio = this.Width / actualWidth;
                        actualHeight = imgRatio * actualHeight;
                        actualWidth = this.Width;
 pictureBox.Size=new Size((int)actualWidth,(int)actualHeight);
 pictureBox.Location = new Point((int)((this.Width - actualWidth) / 2), (int)((this.Height - actualHeight) / 2));

but before doing this keep the picture box size mode as stretchImage

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hope this will help! –  AppUs Oct 13 '09 at 11:36

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