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I need some free satellite images (panchromatic) to test some segmentation algorithms.

I have searched the web but I didn't find any resources our websites that provide free satellite images.


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You can fill this form and request for a free samples from Geoeye of IKONOS imagery.

or alternatively GLCF has 4 IKONOS images samples that can be used. You can download them from here:

Note: IKONOS 2 has 4 multi-spectral bands of 4m resolution and 1 panchromatic band of 1m resolution. You can just use the Panchromatic band if that is your requirement.

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General search engines of satellite granules

You can search and download Landsat images from Earthexplorer or Glovis services. You'll find several collections there.

Landsat panchromatic

Landsat ETM+ provide a panchromatic image at band 8 with 15m resolution. One example here, from WRS-2 Path 29 row 30.

LDCM misson

Be aware that Landsat LDCM mission scenes will be available soon at the same website, by the end of May.

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